The Champion: A Short Story by M.M. DeVoe

The following short story about Scrabble appeared in The Bellevue Literary Review in 2010: The Champion is a fantastic story about a game played between a dying father and his daughter.  It includes many of the elements that make up Scrabble: bingos, extensions (how about JUXTA next to POSE?), and unusual two and three letter words. According to M.M. Devoe, the story’s author, the game played in The Champion can actually be played out in real life.

I’ve known M. M. DeVoe ever since she was a student of mine at the Vasario 16th gymnasium in Germany twenty-five years ago. She was feisty, funny and very smart. And a great writer even then. She went on to finish her MFA from Columbia University in New York. Her work has appeared in New Millenium Writings, Literal Latte, Fickle Muse, The Oklahoma Review, among many others.

Go to M.M’s site for more information about her marvelous writing.

DeVoe is also co-founder and executive director of Pen Parentis, a literary salon out of Manhattan where every month select authors read from their work and discuss finding balance when it comes to writing and family. Here’s the site:

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